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17 years old 5' 3"
SW: 125 lbs
CW: 112 lbs
UGW: 107 lbs
This blog is my inspiration to lose the weight and work hard


Every day I struggle between “I wanna look good naked” and “treat yo self.”

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Go to your nearest target. Buy a two pack of pushup bras (24$ for 2), and target’s bra inserts (12$). Then go to your nearest Walmart and buy the Vasserette Control Shapewear Panties (2.50 each), they do wonders for helping your tuck. There you go! You just saved yourself a lot of money, you can afford to buy enough to wear every day, and best of all you look fabulous. -@twidx

recs for trans women are so rare on tumblr!! spread this, people.

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your bra strap is showing please hide it because it is suggestive. also your boobs are producing lumps in your shirt please hide them. your butt is in the same situation please get rid of it. also your legs. your arms. your face.


I can see your feet and it’s very distracting and slightly arousing.

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